LAUV(ラウヴ)のグローバルリミックスアルバムに参加「Modern Loneliness (Vaundy Remix)」をリリース

LAUV(ラウヴ)のグローバルリミックスアルバムに参加「Modern Loneliness (Vaundy Remix)」をリリース

「Modern Loneliness (Vaundy Remix)」をリリース!


●Lauv「Modern Loneliness」(Vaundy Remix)
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Vaundy announced that he joined the wolrld-class popstar LAUV’s global remix album
『~how i’m feeling~(the extras)』. Vaundy’s work “LAUV「Modern Loneliness (Vaundy Remix)」” has been released and now available at Spotify and Apple Music.
Although Vaundy has not released his debut album yet, he got an offer from LAUV to join the global remix album.
The album is collaborated with outstanding young global artists from all over the world, Brazil, Spain, Italy, India, China and others. Vaundy was appointed as representative of Japan.
Vaundy is releasing his debut album 『strobo』 on May 27th.